World Trip Event tale - Cries in the night ( Tryker )

Cries in the night – Tryker.

It was a might sight and a building of great honour.
Many Homins had worked long and hard to gather materials to build it. Many hours
were laid into the creation of its surroundings and its base. It was built to
stand against any threat that ever came upon it. It was the mightiest of

As it was done and the last nail was hammered into its logs soldiers came to
take post at it. It could hold more than 150 soldiers at the same time.
It had a small trainingground where the soldiers could workout and to better
their skills. There was also a small stable for the mounts and packers to rest
between the travels for food and supplies. The foodstorage held room for food
for about a month if it was ever needed.

It was the the best of the outposts and this is the tale of how it fell…

As the last solider marched into the outpost the mighty gates were closed with a
bang. Now they were there finally, the men that was to defend the land from the
infestation of the Kitin. The best of men in the best of outposts.
As they all had settled in some started their patrolling duty at once, some
stood along the walls and looking at the vire of the area. Other were attending
to chores inbound and some were training. There was always life and motion in
the outpost, it never slept. Guards stood in the towers looking about for any
threats and sometimes just enjoyed the view. It was all good and safe.

Now and then some small attacks from stray Kitins or surrounding animals. These
were easilly fended off by the soldiers. But the greatest test was still to

One evening a scout and messenger came riding to them on his mount. He claimed
that he had ill news about some patrols that were close to the area of the
outpost. He said that he had seen Kitins that he had never seen nor heard of
before. They were giants compared to the ones usually seen within the area.
He was not certain if they were headed this way or not, but he felt that he had
to warn them of course. They noticed his words carefully and enlarged the guards
at the wall and in the towers. A week past by with nothing speciall happening,
there were three small attacks from what seemed to be from stray Kitins. As it
seemed as the danger was swept off the guards went back to normal duties again,
still holding a careful eye out for any attacks or patrols.

The evening turned into night and guards shifted.

“I see something in the distant, it is a huge cloud and it seems to be blowing
this way.” The guard from the tower screamed. This alerted everyone and they all
rushed to the walls to get a sight of what was comming. As it drew closer they
could start to notice some contours of animals that they recognized. But these
ones were not usual ones, they were giants and they were all headed towards the
outpost. As the cloud got closer several bangs was heard and on some places the
walls shaked a bit.

“Attack, fight them back no matter what they are, attaaaack” Officers and
soldiers screamed. “Fight for your lifes”

The soldierws fought both brave and valiant that night, ever Kitin that attacked
they struck down. Then with a loud boom the front gates fell to the ground. And
the Kitins stormed the outpost…

And in the night, carried by the wind, sent furhter by the walls screams from
dying Homins could be heard. Even today the wind carries their voices around
Atys to honour their fight. And when the day came upon it, everything was
devastated, destroyed. There were bodies everywhere and no survivors were to be
found anywhere.

This is the tale of The fall of The Great Outpost.