World Trip Event tale - Findings of a new day ( Zoraï )

The tale of Findings of a new day – Zorai.

This is a tale I found when I was looking through and old archive that I found
while I was in Zorai. It is a tale about a battle seen from a mans view,
a tale of how hard a battle can be and how much we are willing to give to see
another day. It is a tale of findings of a new day.

How long had they been here now, when did they come and how could the attack so
The scouts had reported that an army of invading Kitins was on route, yet it
seems as they were just passing by. As the scout entered the gates screaming of
his news they were right upon us, we stood no chance to fight them back. They
bursted in as if it was nothing.

Before we knew it they were everywhere, inside, outside behind us and in front
of us. Before we knew they stood there screaming for blood, our blood.

I drew my sword as quickly as i could and ran out into the fierce battle
screaming for my people. As I screamed and striked against what be in front of
me I heard the voice of Da’Nim as he threw a powerful cold spell on a Kitin that
had snuck up beside me, then he gave me strength to continue ans I let my wrath
turn into a high scream to strengthen others as I had gotten strenght from
Da’Nim. they all heeded my call and we gathered in the middle and formed a ring
with our casters in the middle surrounded by us, the swordsmen.
That night the maze of Zora was drown in mighty fireworks, sounds of swords
meeting its prey and screams.

Still until this day those screams haunts me, the Kitins as they stormed in,
the screams of my fellow friends. All gathered up in a mix of pain and
suffering. As we could fight back we did our best and after a while the ring
expanded. The Kitins started to fall one by one, soon was their overtake not as
they thought. When the men saw this they took energy from it and managed to
attack even harder and more fierce than ever before, they were not only fighting
for their lives anymore, the were going through this battle for all those whom
still were at home. For those too weak to fight, for those whom took care of the
weak and wounded. For everyone that ever could be harmed by the kitins. They
fought well and valiant. They fought until no strenght was left, and when they
were all torn out they fought even more.

As the Kitins started to realized that their elemt of suprise had turned against
them they started to fall back further and furhter away. We thought that we hade
scared them away and started to see victory. Then we heard something that we had
never heard before, and as we turned around to see where from this sound was
emenating we all stumbled back. It was the largest Ktitin we had ever seen..

Its attacks was fierce and powerful. It was as if it had all the strength of
them combined with their wrath. As it struck it took almost half of the
swordsmen on that side. Our healers and caster quickly did what they could as
they called our friends back. Then we all attacked with the strength that was
left, we fell and stood up again. We hit the Kitin and yet it seemed as it was
not harmed. We did not give up, for one Homin falling two more attacked even
harder. And finally after what seemed to be two lifetimes it gave of a scream
that past through our heads and send a chill down out spines. It fell to the
ground hard. And as we then tunred back towards the rest of the attacking Kitins
it was as they saw our hatred in our eyes, they saw that they stood no chance
for we were no longer mere Homins, we were fighters of Atys itself. They started
to turn around and run away, scattering around.

We attacked as many as we could while they were running around trying to find a
way out. I ran after the last one and threw my sword after it, it went deep into
the Kitin’s leg, yet it still kept running away. Such fear they learned for us
that day.

I fell to my knees as the tiredness of my body made itself reminded. I started
to breathe heavilly for my body started to regain its strenght. Then I looked at
Da’Nim and he at me. We started to laugh and laughed loudly followed by all
others that still stood up…

We had won this battle, we prevailed. We knew that the Kitins will be back, and
we will be there to fight them once more…