World Trip Event tale - Longing home ( Matis )

Longing home – Matis.

Hello Dear

How long has it been since I last wrote to you ? A week a Month ?
I am having a hard time knowing the time for things never stand still around
here. If there is not chores to be done or training we spend our wake time to
guard. It is hard but we are all friends here so it is not as hard as it seems.

Do you remember my friend Lism I told you about in my last letter, the long tall
thin guy that was a good swordsman. Well during our last attack you should have
seen him, he was attacked by three kitins. And while doding the strikes from the
other he slayed them one by one. As I just reached him to aid he looked at me
and said “You need to be faster next time Baggie” and laughed. I then ran
towards him and thrusted my sword just beside him and it went deep into a
lurking kitin behind him as I replied “And you need to be more careful”. We
both smiled and then we fought back by back. Yes it was a fierce attack that
night. But with him as my partner I felt safe, we complete eachother on the
battlefield. And we are getting to know eachother more every day. You must meet
him when we get home from this outpost, I think you will like him.

How is you mount comming along, have she recovered from the illness you wrote
about ? I really hope so for I know how much she means to you. I will send some
powder to mix in her food. I got it from the stable boy here, he says it works
miracles for meks. He also said to give her a good bath and keep her from
getting cold for a week or two.

Have the neighbours had their child yet ? And if so was it a boy or a girl ?
How they talked about their child, the father have such great plans if it is to
be a boy. I know that no matter he will love their child above everything. They
are good people indeed, I feel lucky to have them as neighbours and friends.
They also promised me to look after you while I was gone.

Oh and yes, we better should start feeding the stray Yubos so they dont go
rampage in our garden again, haha I still remember your face that morning when
you walked out into the garden and found it in a small mess. You were angered at
first but when you saw the cause of it you just smiled. You have such a lovely
hand with animals. Oh how I miss the touch of your hands, your voice close to
me. I think of you every day dear, every wake moment you are in my mind. And
soon I hope to see you again.

We have got word that a traveler soon will come with supplies to us. I hope to
be sending this letter and the powder with him back to you. And who knows,
perhaps he carries a letter from you. I sure hope so for you are my light when
everything here is dark. Everyday is another day away from you, but also a day
closer to when I can see you again. And I am longing for once more be in your
arms dear.

With neverending love
// Darm