World Trip Event tale - Lost beyound duty ( Fyros )

Tale Event – Lost beyound Duty – Fyros.

It has been many nights and days now since he arrived. Every day he stood guard
with his eyes open and mind sharp. Looking across the desters surrounding them.
He was a guard of the outpost. His duties was to be one of the first to
counterattack if an attack was initated. He was to train the newcomers and see
to that the old was fit for fight. He was responisble for the most important
content of the outpost, the men inside.

But who was he then, who was the man behind the face. The answer is simple.
He was a man that grew up on a farm just outside Pyr. He grew crops for his
family and what was left over he sold to the merchants. He lived a good life
there. But one day he was called into town for a meeting to be held.
When he arrived he felt that the tension was in the air, a air that was not easy
to breathe. As they all calmed down and a officer stood in front of them.

The words he spoke was not what they expected to hear. The officer proclaimed
that they were not as safe as they once thought. Indeed the Kitins were pulled
off when they all returned from the Roots. Yet still they have forces unseen and
unknown. And it was for this that he had called upon them all this day.
He needed voluntairs to train to be guards at outposts that were placed in the
lands surrounding Pyr. Guards that watched over the lands around and to help the
scouts gather information.

He took this into his heart and as he walked home he thought of this very
careful. As he walked out through the gates of Pyr he turned around and gave it
a good look. He was still confused on how to choose.
When he got back home, he knew. For when he saw the faces of his gamily greeting
him he knew. He had to defend them at all costs. And so he declared the will of
his heart to them. They were saddened to see him leave yet they understood his
decision well for he had always been a man of his house looking after them. And
now he went on to look for them and all other Homins of Pyr.

The rain started to drip on his face as he walked out through the gates of the
outpost to a small guardhouse that was close by. He always checked so that they
were ok for they were the first line of sight for the outpost. When he come
closer he called the name of the guard he knew was on duty, there was no answer
only silence. As he got closer he called the name again, still only silence was
there to meet him. When he came around the corner he took a step back in fear.
Before him layed what was left of the little guardhouse, it was shattered and
beyound recognistion. As he looked around he saw a piece of armour that he knew.

He quickly removed the debris that was covering the soldier and was met by a
wounded man. As he leaned towards him the man grabbed his armour and pulled him
closer and with the last of his strength he said “They are here, tell the others
they are here…” and then he closed his eyes.

Quickly he stood up and bowed towards the soldier to honour him on his last
crusade. He then ran back towards the outpost. As he came closer he saw that it
was already too late. The Kitins had stormed the outpost, it was a total
carnage. No one was left alive, it was only him against all the Kitins.
He realized that he could not run, he was no match for them to hunt down.

He closed his eyes and let his mind wander off to his family. As he saw the
pictures of them smiling in front of him he knew what to do. He raised his sword
and ran towards the Kitins while screaming “For Atys..”

This is the tale of Lost Beyound Duty.